Profile development and Reach Enhancement Program

Our unique PRP helps the top and the middle management employees of the existing corporate organisations to showcase their expertise and achievements to the right people at the right time in the most desirable formats.

Our industry experts helps you to look through the years of expertise that you have nurtured and help you to showcase your talent to the right people in the industry .

“A dialogue is more hard hitting than a monologue”. We base our PRP on such intensive research and thus help you find the right place and in turn help the industry find the right fit for the job.

We call ourselves “ The productivity catalysts”.


The written playground – or what is called as a RESUME. A positive start to a battle is what is known as half the battle won. We at corplife helps you to design, articulate and present yourself in a way that is far from being supercilious yet is a heartfelt way of showcasing your talent to someone who matters. Do we have a format? The answer is NO. it’s a customised approach . What is best for one may not work for other. The solution is for you and we make sure that it is as per your needs.


The Network Access: As a glorified refined product , where do people see you . Today its all about networking and getting noticed by the right set of people. We develop your social profile. This can be linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and so an so forth. We help you get noticed .

Business Entity and Reach Enhancement Program – The Corporate Presentations

When it comes to showcasing yourself to the world, as a corporate it is important that the right message is delivered in the best possible way. The vision and mission are well articulated and hits the right chord.
We have a unique, industry specific and customised product for all corporate communications. We call it BERP.


The Corporate presentations.- A customised presentations with all that is required to showcase what you are made of. We specialise in PITCH DECK creation for the corporate and start ups .


The presentation covers all aspects of Who , What, Why, where and When .


It identifies challenges and probable solutions


The business model with probable revenue streams and cost benefit analysis

Education Domain


  1. Cases based on live industry problems
  2. Self designed customized cases
  3. Covering all aspects of management and operations
  4. Rewards and recognition for best solutions
  5. Direct industry interaction
  6. Solutions from the industry and academic experts


  1. Straight from the industry of choice
  2. Customized lecture on specific topic
  3. Industry analysis


  1. Live and online interaction with industry experts
  2. Industry Mentorship
  3. Customized consultation
  4. Live Projects

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